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2011 Eurocopter EC-135 T2+
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Single Engine Turbine Helicopter Comparisons

Trying to decide on what helicopter to buy or wondering if that machine you're considering is actually the best choice ? The charts below (WORK IN PROGRESS) compare similar single engine turbine helicopters' performance and costs. Most information is from the manufacturers . Please e-mail me if you disagree with any information provided and I will review it ... DO NOT USE INFO BELOW FOR PLANNING PURPOSES - LOOK AT THE CHARTS AND DO YOUR OWN CALCULATIONS

Single Engine Turbine Helicopters Base Price NewDirect Operating Cost / HrM.A.U.W.Empty WeightUseful LoadMax Sling LoadMax Range **Fast CruiseHOGE ceiling ISA
R-66$800 000$ 2700 lbs1280 lbs1420 lbs lbs325 nm120 knots10000 ft ?
Schweizer 333$900 000$ 260 (2010)2550 lbs1250 lbs1300 lbs310 nm105 knots ft
Enstrom 480B$800 000$ 3000 lbs1695 lbs1305 lbs1000 lbs350 nm110 knots4500 ft
Bell 206 B3$1 100 000$ 3200 lbs1713 lbs1487 lbs1337 lbs374 nm110 knots5300 ft
EC120$1 700 000$ 3780 lbs2127 lbs1653 lbs1540 lbs393 nm122 knots7600 ft
MD 500E$1 150 000$ 320 (2008)3000 lbs1481 lbs1519 lbs1769 lbs239 nm135 knots6000 ft
MD 520N$1 650 000$ 345 (2008)3350 lbs1585 lbs1765 lbs1965 lbs200 nm125 knots5600 ft
MD 530F$1 400 000$ 357 (2008)3100 lbs1591 lbs1509 lbs1809 lbs206 nm135 knots14400 ft
AS350 B2$1 900 000$ 4960 lbs2690 lbs2270 lbs2522 lbs360 nm133 knots7550 ft
AS350 B3$2 150 000$ 4960 lbs2716 lbs2244 lbs3086 lbs359 nm140 knots11200 ft
EC130B4$2 200 000$ 5351 lbs3020 lbs2331 lbs2557 lbs329 nm130 knots8325 ft
Bell 206 L4$2000 000$ 4450 lbs2327 lbs2123 lbs1941 lbs324 nm110 knots6500 ft
Bell 407$2400 000$ 5000 lbs2653 lbs2347 lbs2646 lbs330 nm133 knots10450 ft
MD 600N$1700 000$ 500 (2008)4100 lbs2100 lbs2000 lbs2100 lbs342 nm134 knots6000 ft
Agusta 119$3300 000$ 5997 lbs3152 lbs2845 lbs360 nm144 knots10700 ft
Bell 210$3000 000$ lbs lbs lbs nm knots ft


  • Base selling price is estimated and actual price will depend on configuration, dealer and other factors.
  • Stated operating costs are generally less than actual operating costs. Figures are highly estimated, based on manufacturer's data when available.
  • M.A.U.W. is max all up weight, internal.
  • External load figures are the lowest of : a. Hook rating or b. Useful load (external load limits) less 300 lbs (pilot and 100 lbs of fuel).
  • ** Range figures are at fast cruise speed, sea level, ISA, standard tanks, NO RESERVE.
  • HOGE (hover out of ground effect) figures are at Max internal weight, ISA, take off power.


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    Bell 206 - Posted by Andrew Ford on 10-07-2012
    - Location : Sydney Australia , Telephone number : 0414922753

    What are your comments re using the Bell 206 range of Helicopters in Papua New Guinea where there is thick Jungle and you have to
    fly over mountainous ranges at around 5300ft above sea level.
    I would value your informed comments
    Regards Andrew Ford Sydney Australia.

    Test Comment - Posted by Web Master on 08-04-2010
    - Location : cyberspace , Telephone number : +12345678987654

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